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    How do shared lists work

    Don’t leave anyone out! You can make a list with your family or roomies so they can add the products they want.  Create a new list. Share it with friends or family. Start adding products. Done! now you have made everyone happy! More

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    Fruits and Vegetables: We Pick Them as You Want Them

    Choosing fruits and vegetables according to their maturity or color is not always a matter of taste, but also of needs. With Cornershop app, you can specify details for each product, and in the particular case of fruits and vegetables, you have the option to choose by piece or by weight. Don’t forget to add […] More

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    What is Cornershop?

    Cornershop is the new way to do your grocery shopping online. It’s easier, faster, and available wherever you are. You can download the Cornershop app from your iOS or Android device, or simply make the order through our website; both platforms are user-friendly and extremely easy to use. Select your favourite supermarket or nearby store. […] More