5 FAQ’s About Cornershop

1. What stores I can find in Cornershop? 🥑

Cornershop gives you free time and awesome avocado in Toronto. The exact stores you can find changes according to your address. To know better, just add your address and you will see with stores you have available. Remember you can add as many address as you want.

2. What payment methods are accepted? 💳

We accept all forms of credit and debit cards that are enabled for online payments.

3. When will my order arrive? What are the delivery times? 🛒

You choose when you want your order to be delivered. Choose to have your order delivered in 60 minutes or choose to schedule a future deliver at a time that suits you best. Once you complete your order, you will be promoted to selected a delivery time from a list of available options. The delivery times available depend on the time you make the order, the size of the order, demand in the area, among other variables. We will only show delivery options that we are sure we will be able to deliver on time.

4. How much does the service of Cornershop cost? 🤔

To learn about the service charge applied to each of the stores, select the store from the app or website and click on ‘Service charges’. For more information about the store and the next delivery time, click the icon that reads “in 60 minutes”.

5. Should I tip the Shopper? 🛍

No. Our Shoppers are not authorized to receive tips; they earn special commissions for the orders they fulfill.


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